Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quiz 6: Who am I?

Apologies for the delay in posting Quiz 6. Travel and computer problems caused this unexpected little delay! Thanks for your patience. Here is another quiz to test your birding skills:

Bird #1: Who am I?

Bird #2: Who am I?

Zoom in on Bird #2

Post your thoughts in the comments section. Goodluck!

Good birding,


Anonymous said...

#1 - Common Redpoll?
#2 - American Kestrel?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce, at first I thought Red-tailed Hawk with that bright red tail but then realized the shape of the wings were falcon-like not buteo. I think it is likely an American Kestrel. Tricky without a size comparison. Really enjoy your quizzes as they make you think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,
Bird #1 is too plump for a House Finch so I would say a Purple Finch. House Finch are more streaked as well, not as much purple as the Purple Finch.

Bird #2 at first I thought Red-tailed Hawk with that bright red tail, but then realized the wings were falcon like not buteo. I believe it is likely an American Kestrel.
Really enjoy your quizzes - make me think!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Bird #1 in the quiz. Definitely a finch. There's always the confusion between Purple and House. This bird is plump and I know House Finch are slim. Also, it's very colourful and House are pretty plain and streaky. I'd say it's a Purple Finch.