Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ottawa area: Boreal, Great Gray and Northern Hawk-Owl

Lots of owl activity this morning west of Ottawa. There was a Great Gray Owl near the corner of Vance's Side Road and 6th Line Road. The owl was sitting in a tree beside a house. The Northern Hawk-Owl was still present off Grandview Road at 11:45 am, feeding on a kill. The Boreal Owl was also still present along March Valley Road at 12:15 pm. It still had a small rodent in its talons that it had caught earlier.

Boreal Owl with mouse. Normally nocturnal hunter,
this Boreal caught the mouse mid morning.

Northern Hawk-Owl having lunch

There was a small flock of Bohemian Waxwings feeding along Hilda Road and lots of Pine Siskin, a few Common Redpoll and a flock of White-winged Crossbills were also present.

Bohemian Waxwing feeding on berries

Female White-winged Crossbill feeding on a spruce cone.
White-winged Crossbills continue to move into Eastern
Ontario. With their specialized bill they can feed on cones,
removing the seeds.

Normally a tree dweller, this female Pileated Woodpecker
finally decided to stand on the snow and continue picking for food.

Please review OFO's Ethical Birding Principles

Good birding,

Directions: Boreal Owl: From Ottawa take Hwy. 417 west to March Road exit. Follow March Road past Carling Ave. and continue to Klondike Road and turn right. Follow to March Valley Road and turn left. Drive down to area where there is a guard rail and watch for the owl roosting on the right in the open.

Directions: Northern Hawk-Owl (Ottawa): From Ottawa take Hwy. 417 west to Moodie Drive exit #134. Go north to Carling Ave. and turn left. Watch for Grandview Road on your right. Follow to the end and turn left on Hastings Str. and park. If you require additional information, please email me privately.

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