Friday, January 16, 2009

Ottawa area: Gray Partridge, Bohemian Waxwings and White-winged Crossbills

I spent a few hours birding around Kanata/Carp area today.

There were 4 Gray Partridge along Maple Grove Road near the Sensplex Centre. Check around the bottom any of the pine or spruce trees along Maple Grove Road starting at Terry Fox Drive.

There was a flock of 75+ Bohemian Waxwings near the corner of Old Carp Road and Huntmar Drive.

Small flocks of White-winged Crossbills continue to feed in the village of Carp along with Pine Siskins, Common Redpolls and Pine Grosbeaks. Drive around the area east of Carp Road.

It appears that Great Gray Owls are still moving through the region. There has been at least 3 sightings of the Great Gray Owl during the past week, west of March Road/Dunrobin Road but none were relocated today. One was found along Torbolton Ridge Road, one on Old Carp Road near Huntmar Drive and another off March Road near Peter Robinson Road. All were during the late afternoon.

At dusk today I observed 50+ Wild Turkeys roosting in a few deciduous trees along Huntmar Drive near Bradleyside Road.

How many turkeys can you count?

If you require additional information, please email me privately.

Good birding,

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