Thursday, January 15, 2009

Answers: Quiz 4 - Who am I?

Here are the photos for last week's Quiz (#4):

There are 2 species feeding on the crab apples.
European starling and ?.

Here is a zoom into the second species.
Female Brown-headed Cowbird

Not the best photo but sometimes you see birds under difficult conditions. Note the overall grayish-brown plumage, relatively short, dark bill, somewhat finch like shape, and dark eye.

Who am I?

Left: Common Redpoll; Right: Pine Siskin

Two different species are obvious in this photo. Both are finch-like birds feeding in the snow, which helps you eliminate other species. The right-hand bird is a Pine Siskin, note the heavy breast streaking down to tail, whitish wing bars, and pointed bill. The other bird on the left is a Common Redpoll, note the overall, grayish-brown coloration, white wing bar and shorter finch-like bill. The black chin and red cap marking aren't visible but you can still clearly identify the finch as a Common Redpoll.

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