Thursday, January 29, 2009

Answers: Quiz 6 - Who Am I?

Here are the answers for Quiz 6:

Bird #1: Who am I?
Male Purple Finch

Note finch bill, stockier build than House Finch, reminds me of the House Sparrow in shape. The tail is shorter with a deeply notched tail. The male has a reddish head with more pinkish-red breast. Note lack of streaking on under parts. House Finch has obvious streaks.

Bird #2: Who am I?
American Kestrel

This flight photo is a little more difficult but you can see the wing shape and tail length, overall view of a small bird of prey with narrow pointed wings and a rufous color tail with a distinctive black tail band. Also, black markings on back and bluish-gray wings make it a male American Kestrel.

Good birding

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