Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 29, 2012 Great Gray Owls on the move south.

Over the past week I've checked a number of the "hot spots" for GGOW during previous invasion years and finally was rewarded.  I found one at dusk as it sat out on a perch searching for food. A nearby squirrel in a tree caught the owls attention briefly before the squirrel vanished into a cavity. There has been between  6- 8 individuals reported in eastern Ontario over the past week plus another 4 in Algonquin Park during the Christmas bird count on December 29th. As with other invasion years the last in 2004-05 owls begin to show up during the latter part of December and by mid January were numerous. I'd recommend driving the back roads towards dusk or dawn. I'm sure there are more in the area.   
Good birding, Bruce

The Great Gray Owl is easily recognized by its large size, yellow eyes and distinctive white bow tie.

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