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40th Annual Massena-Cornwall Christmas Bird Count results

40th Annual
Massena, New York-Cornwall, Ontario
Christmas Bird Count Results
December 22, 2012

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The 40th Annual Massena,NY.-Cornwall,On. Christmas Bird Count (CBC) took place on Saturday, December 22, 2012. A total of 19 field observers and 9 feeder watchers recorded 57 species and 17,600 individuals. One new species, Ross's Goose, was added to the All Time List bringing the total to 139 species in 40 years. Also, 3 record high counts and 2 tied record highs were recorded. It was a challenging day birding with blowing snow, strong winds and cold temperatures. The drifting snow reduced access to certain areas due to the unplowed roads. Most feeders were very quiet as birds took shelter from the winds which gusted up to 50-60km/hr! The temperature ranged from -7c to +1c with mainly poor visibility along the St. Lawrence River most of the day due to snow flurries. There were a few occasions when you could actually see across the river! The St. Lawrence River was wide open except for sheltered bays that were frozen or had ice along the shoreline. I would like to thank all the participants and sector leaders for their continued support on the count. Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in participating next season. The date for next Massena,NY.-Cornwall,ON. CBC is set for Saturday, December 28, 2013. 

Bruce Di Labio Compiler

The following highlights were recorded:

New species:

Ross's Goose 1

Record Highs: Previous highs are shown in parentheses followed by year.

Snow Goose 3205 (100,2005)
Dark-eyed Junco 131 (94,2011)
Hoary Redpoll 2 (1,4yrs, last 1999)

Tied Record Highs: Previous ties are shown in parentheses followed by year.

Red-bellied Woodpecker 1 (1,7yrs. last 2010)
Carolina Wren 1 (1,4yrs. last 2011)

Other species of interest:
Cackling Goose 1 (3rd record)
Winter Finches:
Pine Grosbeak (47)
Purple Finch (1)
Red Crossbill (0)
White-winged Crossbill (0)
Common Redpoll (820)
Hoary Redpoll (2)
Pine Siskin (0)
American Goldfinch (141)
Evening Grosbeak (12)

Number Records Comments
Snow Goose 3205 * Record High
Ross's Goose 1 ** NEW species
Cackling Goose 1 3rd
Canada Goose 7091
Gadwall 24
American Black Duck 7
Mallard 139
Bufflehead 20
Common Goldeneye 58
Hooded Merganser 79
Common Merganser 639
Red-breasted Merganser 4
Ruffed Grouse 2 low
Wild Turkey 61
Great Blue Heron 2 late 
Bald Eagle 3
Northern Harrier 2 late
Sharp-shinned Hawk 3
Red-tailed Hawk 5 low
Rough-legged Hawk 1 low
Ring-billed Gull 21
Herring Gull 2551
Iceland Gull 2
Glaucous Gull 3
Great Black-backed Gull 115 lower numbers in recent years
Rock Pigeon 275
Mourning Dove 57
Barred Owl 2
Red-bellied Woodpecker 1 *** 7th  ties Record High 
Downy Woodpecker 19 low
Hairy Woodpecker 16 low
Northern Flicker 1
Northern Shrike 1
Blue Jay 23 low
American Crow 485 low
Common Raven 7
Horned Lark 3
Black-capped Chickadee 408
Red-breasted Nuthatch 3 low
White-breasted Nuthatch 27 low
Carolina Wren 1 *** 5th ties Record High (photo)
European Starling 111 low
Bohemian Waxwing 190
Cedar Waxwing 6
Snow Bunting 88
American Tree Sparrow 139
White-throated Sparrow 2 first since 2004
Dark-eyed Junco 131 * Record High
Northern Cardinal 30
Pine Grosbeak 47
Purple Finch 1
House Finch 6 low
Common Redpoll  820
Hoary Redpoll  2 Record High
American Goldfinch 141
Evening Grosbeak 12
House Sparrow 5 low
Total Species:  57
Total Individuals:  17,600
Record High*
New Record**
Ties Record High***

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