Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31,2015 An amazing year of birding ends with a Summer Tanager!

Hi Everyone 

An immature male Summer Tanager was the final rarity for 2015. First noticed coming to a bird feeder in New Edinburgh on December 25 the alert went out and after some searching the tanager was found. Today it spent some of its time at a feeder along Avon Lane between Union and Queen Victoria Streets. The Summer Tanager is a very rare visitor to the Ottawa area and the first record was found on May 24,1967 by Dan Brunton  in the west end of Ottawa. The following day the tanager was collected. Other May records include May 8,1996 at Vincent Massey Park, and May 4,2012 near Kemptville. The only other late fall occurrence is a female visiting a bird feeder from November 10-15, 2004 in the west end of Ottawa. 

Happy New Year! 

An immature male Summer Tanager was a surprise find in the Ottawa area.

This represents one of only a handful of records for the Ottawa-Gatineau district. 

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