Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 1, 2015 Mountain Bluebird and Bullock's Oriole new for Ottawa!

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It was an amazing November 29 in the Ottawa area. Two new species were discovered this afternoon, a female Mountain bluebird near Twin Elm along Cambrian Road and an oriole at Pakenham, first thought to be a Baltimore but afterwards determined to be a Bullock's Oriole. Both species were photographed and seen by many birders and photographers. The Mountain Bluebird is a known wanderer from the west and has been previously recorded in eastern Ontario. There are fall-winter records from Algonquin Park, Prince Edward County and a May record from the Brighton area. This species was on my top 10 list for the next new species for Ottawa. The bluebird was last reported late morning on November 30. 
In contrast the Bullock's Oriole is a mega rarity for Ontario. There are only 7 previous records for the province. The oriole was relocated on November 30 and seen and photographed by many. This bird will attracted lots of birders from southern Ontario over the next week. So far it hasn't been at feeders but eating apples and other fruits and berries it can find in the village of Pakenham. 
This is the first time since 1975 that I can recall two new species for Ottawa being found on the same day. On May 18,1975 I spotted an egret at Shirley's Bay which turned out to be a Snowy Egret while Richard Poulin and Roger Foxall found a Worm-eating Warbler at Beechwood Cemetery. 

Good birding

The female Mountain Bluebird found by Peter Blancher was last reported late morning on November 30. 

The Bullock's Oriole found by Ray Holland and Richard Waters wasn't as cooperative as the bluebird  and lots of patience was require before seeing this bird. 

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