Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2,2015 Bullock's Oriole continues at Pakenham,Ontario

Hi Everyone
I spent the latter part of the afternoon searching for and watching  the Bullocks Oriole feeding in various apple trees. The bird was very skittish and would disappear for short periods of time before suddenly popping up either in a apple tree or feeding low in the tangles and vegetation along the old railway bed. I was able to get a number of photos when it was feeding in the apple trees where the buses park at the east end of Dalkeith St. I also saw it near the corner of Isabella and Jeanie St. The oriole appears to spent most of its time  wandering around the neighborhood. A bit of patience is require. Please remember the OFO Birding code of ethics and do not use playback. While I was there I heard a Bullock’s Oriole singing only to see someone using their iPhone repeatedly playing the Bullock’s Oriole song……
Good birding

Directions: From Ottawa take Hwy 417 west to Kinburn Side Road. After exiting turn left and follow to CR 29. Turn left and as you enter the village of Pakenham watch for Waba Road on your right.  Turn right and then left on Dalkeith St. 

The Bullock's Oriole continues to feeding in various apple trees in the village of Pakenham. 


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