Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011 Algonquin Park Birding

Hi Ontbirders

The birding today was very good with a number of the Algonquin Park specialties being found at various locations. Gray Jay were numerous with 3 along Opeongo Lake Road, 2 at Spruce Bog Trail, 4 along Mizzy Lake Trail/Old Railway bed and 2 near Mew Lake Road. Boreal Chickadee was found a Wolf Howl Pond and Spruce Bog Trail. We found a total 6 Spruce Grouse along Arowhon Road/Old Railway bed including a group of 5 feeding together. A female Black-backed Woodpecker was found at Wolf Howl Pond along with 2 Fox Sparrow. The biggest surprise was a Red-headed Woodpecker that flew over Wolf Howl Pond. Unfortunately we couldn't relocate it. At Lake of Two Rivers we observed 2 Horned Grebe, 11 Ring-necked Duck and 10 Hooded Merganser. Finches were scarce with 2 Purple Finch, 4 American Goldfinch and a flock of 40+ Pine Siskin. On our drive back to Ottawa a flock of 400+ Brant were observed flying over near Arnprior.

Good Birding, Bruce

Directions: Courtesy Ron Tozer

Algonquin Park is three hours north of Toronto, via Highways 400, 11 and 60. Follow the signs, which start in Toronto on Highway 400. From Ottawa, take Highway 17 to Renfrew, then follow Highway 60 to the park. Kilometre markers along Highway 60 in the Park go from the West Gate (km 0) to near the East Gate (km 56). Get your park permit and the park tabloid (with a map of birding locations mentioned here) at the gates.

The Visitor Centre at km 43 has recent bird sightings, feeders, and information. The centre will be open on weekends only after this weekend
(October 29-30) from 9 am to 5 pm. Birders visiting during the week may be able to enter via the service entrance (right end of building) to view the feeders, after checking in with staff first.

Algonquin Park birding updates and information are available at:

Fall colours along Hwy. 60

Gray Jay preening.

Gray Jay

Red-breasted Nuthatches were easy to locate in the park.

Spruce Grouse

Part of a group of 5 Spruce Grouse

Spruce Grouse.

Male Spruce Grouse.

Male spruce Grouse

A Red Fox greeted us at the east gate.

Early morning in Algonquin Park.

Old Railway bed.

First snow fall in Algonquin Park.

Anyone who knows Ben, shoes aren't required for birding!

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Brightcetera said...

I was born in Pembroke and still have friends on the B-line road. I should invite myself up for a visit. :)
The last time, everyone took me to the Barron Canyon. Have you been there?
Ralf & Fran and Kim & Arne are both surrounded by trees on their properties with farm outback. There's lots of activity going on up there.
I saw my first Pileated out Fran's window. She hangs suet from the butcher on a big hook which attracts them. It was a sight to see!
Algonquin Park was where my dad had his first job when he came to Canada back in '52 ... as a lumberjack back when that was a romantic thing to do and you did it by hand to boot.

Take care and happy birding!