Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011 Pelee birding in the rain.

If your going anywhere in the rain birding, rain can be an issue. It took me almost 40 years realize proper rain wear is worth it! The birding was great today despite the rain with most birds low in the vegetation in search of insects. We managed to find 23 species of warblers and had great views of most of them. Also both cuckoos and a Common nighthawk roosting on a tree limb at the point tram stop.

A Black-billed Cuckoo was new for many.

Ron Pittaway and I near the tip at Pelee.

The rain starting early in the morning and continued all day long but the birding was great!


Brightcetera said...

Hey! I just found your blog tonight through 'Burg Birder and realized that I saw you several times this past week at PP. Next time I'll say hello and I'll try not to make a pest out of myself. :D

I birded out of my van today for the most part along NW Beach and Black Willow parking lots.
I was rewarded with a Scarlet Tanager posing and preening in the rain only a few feet away. An American man pulled up and used my van for a hide to take photos ... lol.
I also saw 11 different varieties of warbler including an ovenbird; Cedar waxwing ... my 1st of the year; Indigo buntings ... just a few feet away from the Tanager; Flycatcher ... I couldn't tell you which kind; Eastern Kingbird with his red stripe showing because of his wet head; Orioles of both varieties; E.Towhee; Philadelphia Vireo; White-crowned sparrows ... a ton of them and other assorted LBJs; R.T. Hummingbird.
Not too bad for a beginner, I'd say.
I kept missing birds this past week due to either just coming, going, bathroom, or getting a coat to warm up. Oh well. Leaves me with something to look forward to next time.
All in all, I spotted 29 warbler species this past week for which I'm very content. :)

Good Birding!

Jenn Jilks said...

Nice job. Love reading about your travels in the Citizen! I am such a newbie. I've been trying to document my birds in my cottage country !