Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13, 2011 Lucky Friday the 13th @Pelee

Another amazing day at Pelee. It started very slow after yesterday's fallout/reverse migration. We arrived at the VC at 5:50a.m. and got the 6:00a.m. tram to the point. Overall very quiet and after a couple of hours I decided to head north in the park. we covered the Blue Heron Trail and seasonal path and finally at sanctuary. The birding started out well but a sudden thunderstorm dampen the birding. Fortunately one of my clients had an umbrella and we were able to keep somewhat dry, 4 of us under one umbrella. Once the rain stopped I headed back to Blue heron and got the van then returned to pick up everyone and made a stop at Pelee wings. This is around noon now and while waiting outside Alan Wormington drove by and stopped to tell about a Bell's Vireo at the tram stop at the point. I phoned fellow birder Bob Cermac who was watching the vireo and ask him to stay with it until I could get out. It had been found early in the morning but unfortunately we didn't hear about it. Next stop the VC parking lot. No tram so I told my clients to wait and I jogged the 2.5 km to the tram stop and meet up with the group watching the bird. I was able to get good views and finally a couple of photos. The tram arrived and everyone got to see it well. Later in the afternoon we saw the female Prairie Warbler near Dunes and were very lucky to see the Kirtland's Warbler later after supper at Pioneer thanks to Sam Barone. My 3rd this May at Pelee. Other birds of note included Prothonotary and Prairie Warbler. A long and exciting day in the park!

Sunrise at the tip of Point Pelee.

A female Prairie Warbler at Dunes was a nice sighting thanks to Jean Iron. .

A male Prothonotary Warbler along Woodland Trail.

The bird of the day and likely of the month was a Bell's Vireo near the tram stop point near the tip. This vagrant is casual in Canada and there are only a handful of documented records for Ontario. This was new for a few 100 birders who were lucky to see it as it fed in Red Cedars and was very obliging.

The normal range of the Bell's Vireo is south central United States north to just south of the western Great Lakes.

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