Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 11, 2011 Pelee #2 Dickcissel!

Let Ottawa at 6:00am ans started south for Pelee. We made a few stops enroute including Chaffeys Lock where we had 3 Cerulean Warbler, 1 Yellow-throated Vireo along with a number of common species. Our next stop was Presqu'ile where we did a brief check at Beach #1 and observed 100+ Brant flying over Owen point and a Great Egret. Again a quick run through the GTA and arrived at Rondeau 2:45a.m. birding a couple of areas, didn't see the Yellow-throated Warbler and had a late Am. Tree sparrow at the VC feeder. Next stop Blenheim Sewage Lagoon before hearing about a Dickcissel opposite Pelee Wings. Arriving around 5:30pm the male Dickcissel was feeding below the feeders in plain view. A great start to the tour!

Rare Bird Alert Dickcissel!

Lots of excitement opposite Pelee Wings.

The Dickcissel spent enough time below the feeder that over 100+ birders got to enjoy this rare visitor.

A male Dickcissel caused lots of excitement opposite Pelee wings.

The unmistakable Dickcissel is a rare spring visitor to southern Ontario.

A male House Sparrow feeding with the male Dickcissel.

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