Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010 Pine Warbler

There is a Pine Warbler coming to a feeder just south of Ottawa. It was first observed on November 27th and reappeared today during the a.m.. The bird appears in good condition and feeding at the peanut feeder. It makes brief appearances and likely will become more regular once the cooler temps and snow arrives. The property owners, Kevin and Deanne Ryan welcome birders and please follow the O. F. O. Ethical Birding Principles.

Good Birding, Bruce
Directions: From Ottawa take Hwy 416 south to exit #57 Bankfield Road. Turn right and take first left and follow to 5718 William McEwen Drive on your right. There is no parking on the road and limited parking in their laneway.

The Pine Warbler is a rare late fall visitor to feeders in eastern Ontario.

Most records are from feeder watchers and the bird usually disappears during cold spells and heavy snow.

Being an insect eater Pine Warblers will feed on suet.

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Kevin Ryan said...

The pine warbler was very cooperative on Sat & showed up for at least 2 visitors. He was less cooperative and had not shown up for 4-5 visitors (to our knowledge) when we had to leave. But happy to report that he was back & looking healthy again this afternnon just before 3 pm. Still eating peanuts, but doesn't seem to have discovered the suet yet.