Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 25, 2010 Redpolls on the move south.

Redpoll numbers continue to increase in the Ottawa area. This afternoon at around 12:45pm I observed a flock of 250+ Common Redpoll along with 2 Hoary Redpoll on Huntmar Road just south of Richardson Side Rd. The redpolls were feeding in a weedy field until a Merlin made a pass. The whole flock flew up into a tight flock, like starlings or blackbirds do when there is a raptor after them. After a few minutes the redpolls settled down to the weedy fields again and the Merlin disappeared to the west. There were at least 3 Gray Partridge near the intersection of Maple Grove Road and Silver Seven Road. Also observed 5 (1st winter) Iceland Gull near the corner of Richardson Side Road and Carp Road. If you require additional information , please email me privately.
Merry Christmas, Bruce

Common Redpolls are on the move south now.

Weedy fields are a great place to find flocks feeding.

This Merlin made an unsuccessful attempt on the feeding flock of redpolls.

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