Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010 Update Pine Warbler, Baltimore Oriole and Northern Hawk-Owl

A Northern Hawk-Owl was photographed along Hwy. 15 on November 30th south of Smiths Falls near Camp Otter Lake. Unfortunately the bird hasn't been relocated and this is the second individual report over the past few weeks. The first was in the Kinburn area late November. Maybe a small movement this season. The Pine Warbler is doing well and was present this morning while a male Baltimore Oriole made a brief appearance at a suet feeder in Barrhaven, unfortunately not seen again. It is interesting to note that a male Baltimore Oriole was also photographed on November 14th at the Jack Pine Trail feeders. I wonder if it is the same individual?

Typical perch of the Northern Hawk-Owl.
photo: courtesy of Steve Mercer

Baltimore Oriole at suet feeder December 6th.
Photo: courtesy Danielle Carpentier

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