Friday, January 15, 2016

January 5,2016 Bullock's Oriole captured

Hi Everyone
After a night of -27c the Bullock's Oriole was captured in weakened condition in Pakenham. The oriole spent the following night in my home before arriving at the Wild Bird Care Center on Moodie Drive. It weighed only  27 grams, 37 grams is the average weight of a healthy bird, and was suffering from frostbitten on a few toes. Many late lingering birds perish during extreme cold periods but this Bullock's Oriole was lucky to have been spotted huddled up against the foundation of a home trying to keep warm. Stay tuned for an update on its condition.
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During its finally days in Pakenham the Bullock's Oriole sought shelter and heat from a nearby house foundation.

During its overnight stay at Casa Di Labio the oriole enjoyed fresh oranges, bananas and even peanuts. 

Bullock's Oriole 

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