Friday, January 15, 2016

January 14,2016 Northern Fulmar found in Kanata south.

Hi Everyone
One more goodie for 2015! A Northern Fulmar was found on December 31,2015 in Kanata south. It was picked up along the shoulder of a road as it sat in the snow and brought to the Wild Bird Care Center as a "seagull". The fulmar was emaciated and unable to fly. It's recovering well and will hopefully be released at a later date along the Atlantic coast. This is the second fulmar this winter and one of the few records for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. 

Good birding,

There are at least 6 records now of Northern Fulmar from Eastern Ontario with this one being the latest record. 

The  Northern Fulmar is a seabird that is related albatrosses,shearwaters and petrels. These "tube nose" seabirds have large nostril tubes on top of their bill that are used 
 to help the birds remove salt from their system by forming a saline solution that  either drips or is ejected through the nostril.They are gull size and in flight have a rapid wing-beat followed by a stiff winged glide. 

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