Monday, September 23, 2013

September 22, 2013 Birding Lake Dore

Hi Ontbirders
Today, September 22nd, I spent 5 hours this morning birding the Lake Dore area. There were lots of flocks of Canada Geese migrating along with a few species of both diving and puddle ducks. Both the previously reported Long-tailed and Parasitic Jaegers were still present at 7:45a.m. but disappeared to the south after about 30 minutes. No Sabine's Gulls were found but a winter adult Little Gull was observed resting with 50+ Bonaparte's Gulls. At 11:15 a.m. a juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger was chasing Bonaparte's Gull off the boat launch at Biederman Park and disappeared at 11:30a.m. I left the area at noon without relocating any jaegers. An adult and 2 juvenile Northern Mockingbirds were observed feeding in an apple tree near Biederman Park. Other species of note included 4 Red-necked Grebe, 2 Horned Grebe, 1 imm. Bald Eagle, 30+ Palm Warbler, 2 Orange-crowned Warbler, 150+ Rusty Blackbird, and 8 White-crowned Sparrow.

Directions: From Ottawa take 417 west to the second exit to Renfrew. South into Renfrew then west (at the Tim Horton's) on hwy 60 to Kelly's Corners then north on hwy 9 then slightly north on hwy 41 then west on Lake Dore Rd and look for a location where you have good sight lines over the lake.

 Juvenile Northern Mockingbirds were at surprise at Lake Dore. This is a late date for young mockingbirds but I  have recorded young in mid August in the 1990's in both Kanata and Ste. Rose in eastern Ontario.   

A male Eastern Bluebird was among a flock of bluebirds feeding in the open areas near Lake Dore. 

I was again surprised to find juvenile birds, this time bluebirds  at a late date. Bluebirds are known to have a second broods but this makes me wander if its a 3rd brood. 

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