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October 21, 2012 Birding Algonquin Park and Renfrew County

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Spent the day birding Algonquin Park and various sites in Renfrew County. The highlight at Algonquin was a flock of 19 Sandhill Cranes flying over calling at Wolf Howl pond. Overall quiet but we did observed 7 White-winged Crossbill and 3 Evening Grosbeak along with 6 Gray Jay along the old railway bed near Wolf Howl Pond.
A Cattle Egret was at a hobby farm at 601 Silver Lake Road near Eganville. This individual was first observed on October 19th by property owner. You can view the area from the road.
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Directions: Algonquin Park is three hours north of Toronto, via Highways 400, 11 and 60. Follow the signs, which start in Toronto on Highway 400. From Ottawa, take Highway 17 to Renfrew, then follow Highway 60 to the park. Kilometre markers along Highway 60 in the Park go from the West Gate (km 0) to near the East Gate (km 56). Get your park permit and the park tabloid (with a map of birding locations mentioned here) at the gates.

The Visitor Centre at km 43 of Highway 60 is open daily until October 28, 2012, and then weekends and holidays for the winter (see the Events Calendar for more details). At the centre you can find recent bird sightings, information, and helpful Park Staff to assist your birding efforts.
Please send us any bird sightings you’ve had in the park, even of common birds, as we continue to monitor the autumn migration.
You can also get directions to the locations, as well as updates and info about other park events at **

Eganville: From the center of Eganville, cross to the south side of the river, and turn right onto Water street. Keep driving. This road will turn into Augsburg Road, and continue for another good 4 Km, before hitting a T-junction. Turn left here, onto Silver Lake Road. The egret was seen at 601 Silver Lake Rd. 

A surprise was a large flock of 19 migrating Sandhill Crane along the old railway bed at Wolf Howl Pond. These birds were circling overhead calling.

A Bull Moose feeds along the edge of a lake.

The Hooded Merganser is a regular migrant thoughout the park's lakes and ponds.

The Cattle Egret is a very rare migrant in eastern Ontario.

This egret has been present at a hobby farm since October 19th socializing with 3 cows and 2 llamas.

They are known to wander north during October and after last week's strong southern winds it's no surprise one showed up. 

One of the largest flocks of Cattle Egrets ever to be recorded in eastern Ontario was on October 30, 1982 near Deep River.  A flock of 17 birds was observed along the Ottawa River.

There were numerous Moose along Hwy. 60 in Algonquin Park.

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