Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011 Renfrew County birding

Hi Everyone
Today, September 30th, Ben and I spent the morning birding various sites in Renfrew County including Lake Dore, Westmeath Provincial Park and Pembroke. Overall a good morning despite the intermittent rain. Our first stop was at Pembroke Marina where we observed the juvenile Parasitic Jaeger. We first saw the jaeger as it was in hot pursuit of a Belted Kingfisher over the marina. The jaeger spent most of its time sitting on sand flats at the mouth of Muskrat River/Ottawa River. We also observed 5 American Golden-Plover. Along the Ottawa River shoreline at Westmeath Provincial Park were found a juvenile Hudsonian Godwit feeding in a flock of 35 Black-bellied Plover, 1 American Golden-Plover, 1 Baird's Sandpiper, 6 Semipalmated Plover, 3 Greater Yellowlegs and 3 Dunlin. After searching the shoreline vegetation for a while we managed to see 2 Nelson's Sparrow. Later, at Lake Dore we counted 85+ Common Loon, 14 Red-necked Grebe, 50+ Horned Grebe, and 75+ Bonaparte's Gull. Good birding, Bruce and Ben

Directions: Lake Dore is located off Hwy 41 near Eganville/Golden Lake. Pembroke Marina is located in the town of Pembroke at the end of Albert St. Westmeath Provincial Park acess point is at the end of Sand Point Road off CR 12. Walk along shoreline for 1-2 kms south. If you require additional information, please email me privately.

juvenile Parasitic Jaeger at Pembroke Marina.

Coming in for a landing on one of the sand flats at the mouth of the Muskrat River.

Hudsonian Godwit in flight with Black-bellied Plover and Dunlin.

Black-bellied Plover with Hudsonian Godwit.

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