Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4 & 5, 2011 White-faced Ibis in Carp, Ontario!

Definitely a major highlight for birders in eastern Ontario this year was the discovery of a White-faced Ibis along the Carp River during the morning on July 4th. My son Ben was checking out one of his local birding haunts and found a dark ibis feeding in the Carp River flood plain. He cycled home which is close by and phone me. I had just finished getting the oil changed at Frisby Tire and headed to the site shortly after the call. I arrived to find Ben and his scope set up with the ibis in view. Due to the distance and lighting it was difficult to get good views of the soft part colours; legs, facial skin, and eye colour. During the early afternoon an alert was put out for a probable Glossy Ibis but there was still some uncertainty. The following morning the ibis was again reported and Ben and I tried a few times but keep missing it. Finally around 1:30p.m. the ibis flew in while I was standing near the edge of the field and landed close by. I was able to take a number photos and then headed back home. Ben and I check the photos and could clearly see the colour of the facial skin, legs and we weren't 100% sure about the eye colour. I fired the images off to Alan Wormington near Point Pelee National Park and he felt it was a White-faced Ibis. The next local alert went out on a White-faced Ibis, first record for the Ottawa-Gatineau District. Great find Ben! Both birders/photographers started to show up and haven't stopped yet!

White-faced Ibis along the Carp River floodplain.

Another view of the White-faced Ibis.

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