Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011 White-faced Ibis back in Carp!

After last being seen on Friday, July 8th the White-faced Ibis was looked for both July 9th and 10th with no luck. Didn't have a chance on July 11th but this afternoon it was there. There was a report early today of a dark ibis observed near Deschenes Rapids, likely the same bird.

Hi Ontbirders,

The White-faced Ibis is back at the Carp River flood plains in Carp as of 4:30p.m. My dad just phoned and informed me of this sighting.

Good birding, Ben Di Labio

Hi Everyone

The White-faced Ibis was present again in Carp until 6:54p.m. feeding and preening. 3 lucky observers got to see it before I watched it take flight and slowly drift southeast in large circles before loosing sight if it. I'll check tomorrow morning and post if it returns.

Good birding, Bruce

From Ottawa take Hwy. 417 west to the Carp Road exit. and turn right (north) and follow Carp Road to the village of Carp. After crossing the bridge take the first right (east) on Rivington Street and follow to the end.

The White-faced Ibis was rediscovered along the Carp river this afternoon. It spent most of its time feeding, catching a number of small fish and some what appeared to be worms.

The White-faced Ibis was last observed at 6:54p.m. circling and drifting southeast.

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