Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 19-22, 2011 Local birding

Since returning from Ecuador the local birding has been quiet but still lots of Common Redpolls around and moving through the region. In the past 4 days Ben and I have observed both subspecies of Common and Hoary Redpoll at our feeders. The number of redpolls continue to change day to day at the feeders. In general bird activity in on the increase with European Starlings and American Crows showing up in areas that they were absent during the winter months. Even the amount of bird song in is on the increase with Northern Cardinals singing, both Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers drumming and Black-capped Chickadees doing there distinctive whistle. Only another 3 1/2 weeks till spring!

As the landscape changes in the Kanata area this old barn and silo will become a very rare site.

A Blue Jay catches the early morning sun.

An adult Red-tailed Hawk enjoying the early morning sunshine.

The American Robin is a sign of Spring to many but remember they do overwinter in the Ottawa region.

A leucistic common Redpoll at our feeder in Carp.

A Common Redpoll feeding with the larger Greater Common Redpoll.

Redpolls numbers continue to increase in the Ottawa region.

The Common Redpoll enjoys niger seed feeders.

My son Ben with a very tame Common Redpoll. A one point, it landed on his head!

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