Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30,2010 A.O.U. Checklist updates "51 supplement"

The 51st supplement to the AOU Checklist has been published. The only definite English name change affecting Ontario bird species is the split of the Whip-poor-will, which is now going to be known as Eastern Whip-poor-will and if you have been to Arizona you will have likely seen or heard the Mexican Whip-poor-will. The only other name change that effects our birds is the splitting of Black Scoter into two species. The Black Scoter name will continue in North America and in Eurasian it will be called Common Scoter. Another interesting split is the Winter Wren. This widespread Eastern North American species retains the name Winter Wren, while the western bird counterpart is now called the Pacific Wren. There are quite a few changes in taxonomy, mostly at the generic and family levels involving raptors, warblers and some of the bunting allied species. For those who are interested in the AOU information check out this website

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