Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010 Southbound land bird migration starting

Over the past few days I've noticed a small movement of Yellow Warblers, numerous Bobolinks flying over head plus a couple of flocks including 30+ near Dunrobin. These are all signs that the breeding season for many species is over for another year. There are still a few late nesting species such as American Goldfinch and Cedar Waxwing. The Chimney Swift is still sitting on the nest which is very late compared to other years. I'd except the eggs to hatch any day. A number of Osprey nests in the area have young that are almost ready to take there first flight. Hopefully they all will be successful.

The Chimney Swift is still on eggs in Carp.

Osprey young are almost ready to leave the nest.

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