Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28 to February 2, 2010 Birding Napo Wildlife Center, Ecuador

Birding the Napo Wildlife Center was amazing with lots of exciting birds and mammals. Highlights were many including the ZigZag Heron, Black-necked Red Cotinga and Golden-mantled Tamarin. Most days were spent either canoeing through the many waterways or walking trails. One morning was spent in the canopy tower looking for varies species of hawks, eagles, cotingas and more! The tower is approximatley 120 feet high with 209 steps to get to the top.

A frog sits quietly.

A Zigzig Heron was observed along the main creek.

Three-toed Sloth

Two male White-necked Puffbirds in battle.

Marbled Wood-Quail settling in a dusk.

The Golden-mantled Tamarin were fun to watch as they moved throught the rain forest canopy.

Sapphire Quail-Dove

The Dwarf Tyrant Manakin was one of many manakin species found.

A Squirrel monkey moving through the rain forest.

Hundred's of parrots visit the parrot licks daily in the Napo region.

A Snail Kite having breakfast.

Birding by canoe was a great experience.

A group of Long-nosed Bats roosting during the day.

A Pied Plover along the Napo River

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Jo-Anne said...

Great photos! I especially enjoyed the bats photo ... the parrots photos too. :)