Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 Ecuador Birding

Arrived in Ecuador late January 26th, my first visit to South America. The day started in Ottawa at 2:00am and I arrived in Quito at 10:30pm. My first day birding was amazing with around 20 lifers including Indigo Flowerpiecer, Orange-breasted Fruiteater, Blue-winged Moutain Tanager and a visit to an Oilbird nesting site. Tomorrow morning flying out to Coca than by boat along the Napo River to Napo Wildlife Center.

Hook-billed Kite perched along a dirt road.

A male Indigo Flowerpiecer was a lifer for all of us.

Tom climbing down to the Oilbird roosting area as our guide watches from below.

Oilbirds resting/nesting along side of the dark narrow ravine.

The Oilbird is the only nocturnal fruit-eating bird.

Paul Pratt, Tom Hince and me, after a great day birding in Ecuador!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Looks amazing! Oilbirds! Flowerpiecers?! And those come in different colours?

Have a great trip.

Nick from Ottawa (where -15 with a big west wind)

Dave Skinner said...

The three emigos!! Are you hooked on South American birding now? Just so you don't forget your more northernly birding, thought I would let you know that I went out to see a SNOWY OWL this morning.