Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009 Feeding your birds, start now!

With cooler weather on the way it's time to set up your bird feeding station for the winter months. Make sure you have a variety of feed including sunflower, finch seed and suet. No doubt you will have the odd squirrel so peanuts are good for this acrobat. Remember to read the Winter Finch Report posted earlier in September for the overview of Ontario and surrounding areas and lastly, have your digital camera ready, anything is possible in the bird world!

A Red Squirrel having a snack. They do enjoy suet!

A male Evening Grosbeak was a surprise visitor to the William's feeder in the Ottawa area recently. It spent around an hour feeding on sunflower seeds before departing.

Woodpecker's, nuthatches, chickadees are just a few of the regular visitor's to the suet feeder during the winter months.

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