Monday, October 19, 2009

October 18, 2009 Birding Prince Edward Point

The birding at Prince Edward Point was good today with a small but nice flight of both Sharp-shinned and Red-tailed Hawk. The land bird migration was steady with good numbers of Dark-eyed Junco. Overall, weather was nice with sunny skies and a light breeze, highlights included 1 Northern Shrike, 1 Northern Saw-whet Owl, 1 Bald Eagle and a lone Tree Swallow. The banding station reported a good movement of Northern Saw-whet Owls overnight, 38 banded and lots of both Ruby and Golden-crowned Kinglet, Dark-eyed Junco and Hermit Thrush. Another highlight of the trip was the number of snakes in the area. We observed over 50+ snakes both alive and roadkill, including Garter, Red-bellied and Northern Water Snake!

The Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area covers 560 hectares.

Sharp-shinned Hawks were everywhere!

The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory Banding Station.

With the numbers of Sharp-shinned hawks around it wasn't a surprise that a few were banded.

One of the common birds netted, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet awaits being removed.

One of the many Garter snakes in the area.

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