Monday, September 7, 2009

Turkey Vultures feeding in freshly cut fields. September 7 ,2009

During the past week I've been noticing Turkey Vultures hanging around freshly cut fields along a number of back roads in the Carp-Dunrobin area. At first i saw a few sitting on bails of hay just sunning themselves but then a saw one soaring overhead and finally landed in the field. The vulture starting feeding on the remains of a small rodent and after a while I noticed another vulture doing the same thing. I drove around the area again and realized that the vultures were feeding on recently killed rodents during the cutting of the hay. I also saw a small group of Common Ravens picking off Meadow Voles in a freshly cut field. Both species are definitely opportunist.

A Turkey Vulture and Common Ravens cleaning up a freshly cut field.

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