Sunday, September 20, 2009

More migrants September 20, 2009

With the lower water levels along the Ottawa River bird activity and variety continues to increase. At Shirley's Bay the Marbled Godwit continues to attract birders and a Nelson's Sparrow a rare fall visitor was also observed for 45 mintues as it fed along the edge of the cattails. There was an influx of land birds overnight including Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Winter Wren,American Pipit, White-throated Sparrow and Yellow-rumped warblers.

A Great Blue Heron enjoys the lower water levels along the Ottawa River at Andrew Haydon Park

Early morning fog along the Ottawa River.

Wild Turkeys are becoming a common sight around Kanata. When's Thanksgiving?

An adult Peregrine Falcon roosting on the Coats Building, Tunney's Pasture. this has been a regular roosting or resting area for Peregrines since the early 80's.

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