Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 18,2014 Little Gull flock found on Lake Deschenes

While birding along the Ottawa River I observed a first year Little Gull in a small group of Bonaparte's Gulls off Britannia Pier. Later during the morning the number of  Little Gulls had grown to 6-7 1st year birds and 2 adult birds. The first record of Little Gull for the Ottawa-Gatineau district was found in June 1975 and over the past four decades there have been 40+ records. The majority of sightings have fallen between the latter part of May to mid June mainly along the Ottawa River between Britannia and Shirley's Bay and there are a few fall sightings. This represents the largest flock ever recorded in the Ottawa-Gatineau district. The previous high count was 5 on May 17,1987 along the ottawa river at Deschenes Rapids. 
Good birding, 

The Little Gulls spent most of their time off Britannoa Pier and dick Bell Park. At one point I watched a flock of 1st years birds flying out over Lake Deschenes. I was able to digiscope them along with a few Bonapate's Gulls once them settled on the water. 

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