Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014 More Snowy Owls sightings in eastern Ontario.

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The Snowy Owl southward movement continues with more sightings from various areas in eastern Ontario. On December 26th  I observed 10+ in the Winchester area and yesterday 5 were found behind the Ottawa Airport. On the Massena -Cornwall CBC at least 3 were found. The overall total for eastern Ontario is now reaching 150 birds. This is unprecedented as far as I know for this region. Over the years there has been concentrated areas or "hot spots" like Wolfe or Amherst Island. With all of the sighting south of eastern Ontario there must be 100's of Snowy Owls in Ontario. I have found the best time to look for these owls is late day or on overcast days. Check all the telephone poles, fence posts, buildings in open farm land areas and tree tops.

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Telephone poles are one of the favourite vantage points for the Snowy Owl.

Surprisingly Snowy Owls  can blend to their surrounds while sitting on top of telephone poles and easily be over looked.  

Check any high perch for these owls. 

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