Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 23, 2012 Another Cave Swallow near Ottawa,Ontario

The Ottawa-Gatineau district's second record of Cave Swallow was discovered this afternoon at Constance Bay by Jeff Skevington. The swallow was feeding along the edge of the Ottawa River off the end of Whistler Road. It was present til' dusk and on November 24th at dawn it was observed for a brief time before disappearing. I was able to take a number of photos to document this record of the southwestern subspecies P.f. pallida.  The first record also P.f. pallida was found on November 3rd feeding over the Ottawa River at Bate Island along with a Cliff Swallow. The Cliff was observed on November 4 and 5 but no Cave Swallow. On November 6 both swallows were reported again at the same location late afternoon and never seen again.  Below is a couple of photos of the 2nd record of a Cave Swallow for the Ottawa-Gatineau district.

Good birding, Bruce


Cave Swallow: P.f. pallida   November 23, 2012 Constance Bay,Ontario

Cave Swallow: P.f. pallida November 23, 2012 Constance Bay,Ontario  

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