Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 27, 2012 Bald Eagle nesting at Shirley's Bay

After building a nest last spring but not nesting,  Bald Eagles have returned to Shirley's Bay. On March 20th I observed 2 adults around the nest and on March 21st, one of the adults was sitting on the nest. On March 27th one adult was still observed sitting. This is the first nesting record for the Ottawa district and it will be interesting to see how the eagles do. During the previous breeding bird atlas (2001-2005) no nesting was documented in the Ottawa area. Occasionally individuals are observed during the summer months along the Ottawa River and mutiplie birds by late August to early September.

After building a nest during the spring of 2011 the Bald Eagles have returned

Bald Eagle sitting on nest at Shirley's Bay.


FLAP Canada - Ottawa Wing said...

If that's the nest visible from March Valley Rd., Brenda McCrea and I saw the eagle sitting there on March 21.

Michael said...

Great to see the season advancing in Ontario but I'm hoping to read about your Cuba tour (we were a few days ahead of you in Zapata...)