Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 12-13, 2012 birding in the Bahamas

Spent a few days birding in the Bahamas in search of 5 endemics. On Providence Island, Nassau we were able to find the Bahama Woodstar and a few Carribean specialties. 

Spotted Sandpiper overwintering in the Bahamas

A  Greater Antillean Grackle in Nassau. 

One of the 5 endemic species in the Bahamas, a Bahama Woodstar. We were able to get great views of a few in the Botanic Gardens. 

The White-crowned Pigeon is a Carribean specialty. 

A Limpkin feeding in the gardens. 

The Eurasian Collared Dove  is very common on the Bahamas. 

Wintering North American warblers were a common sight including this Ovenbird. 

The Carribean Dove was easiest to find at the Retreat. 

Common Ground Dove

Sora Rail 

Western Palm Warblers were very common on the islands.

A female Bahama Woodstar feeding.

The White-cheeked Pintail is another Carribean specialty.

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