Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011 Birding Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Had a good morning birding Owen Point, Gull Island and various locations within the park. On Gull Island a flock of Purple Sandpipers was a definite highlight as they fed along the southeast corner of Gull Island. Over on High Bluff Island  3 Snowy Owls were positioned for hunting as a large number of ducks as they  fed along the shoreline. A male Northern Harrier and a immature Cooper's Hawk were noted  hunting over the island as a Red-tailed Hawk circled overhead. There must be a high concentration of rodents on this island. At Calf Pasture an immature Bald Eagle perched in a tree while a Northern Shrike preened, a great day birding! 

Here are a variety of Purple Sandpiper photos I took on Gull Island. enjoy! 

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