Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 19, 2011 Birding Prince Edward Point

Spent the day birding various areas in Prince Edward County including Prince Edward Point, Point Petrie and Sandbanks Provincial Park. Overall land bird activity was low but we did note a movement of 450+ Cedar Waxwing and 150+ American Robin. Other land birds of note included 3 Northern Shrike and 12 Eastern Bluebird. Off Prince Edward Point there was a good number and variety of water birds. The best sighting was a small flock of 3 male Harlequin Ducks that fly by as we were scanning the lake. They landed just off the point giving us great views! Thousands of Long-tailed Ducks were observed along with 230+ White-winged Scoter, 3500+ Greater Scaup, and 1 Red-throated Loon. A surprise was a breeding plumaged Bonaparte's Gull with a complete black hood. I've only ever observed a couple of fall adults still in breeding plumage along the Niagara River with the 1000's of Bonaparte's Gull that concentrate there during November/December. Our final stop was at Presqu'ile provincial park where we saw the long staying male Eurasian Wigeon in Presqu'ile Bay.

Three Harlequin Ducks in flight including 2 adult males, 1 female and a female Long-tailed Duck.

Another view.

Cedar Waxwing were on the move and numerous flocks were observed flying over. A number of immature plumage birds were seen.

Breeding plumage Bonaparte's Gull in November!

A Northern Shrike landing.

A total of 3 Northern Shrikes were observed in PEC.

The male Eurasian Wigeon was still present at Presqu'ile Bay.

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