Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011 Fall Blue-winged Warbler at Ottawa!

Just back last night from a 2 week holiday in Italy and received an email from Barb Robertson with photos of a possible Blue-winged Warbler found earlier during the day in a woodlot near Carleton Beach off Pontiac Street near Island Park Drive and the Parkway. Early this morning I read the email and forwarded the information to Bob Cermak and Paul Matthews. Later in the day I received an email from Paul who had relocated the Blue-winged Warbler. Another call to Bob and then Ben and I were off to the warbler. There was lots of activity in the wood lot and Ben and I observed Canada Warbler, Ovenbird, Bay-breasted Warbler, American Redstart, Chestnut-sided Warbler but no Blue-winged Warbler. Finally the warbler was seen again and after some searching we all got a great view as it fed on berries. Our final total was 12 warbler species with Wilson's Warbler as we were leaving the woods. This is the same location a male Prothonotary was found in May 2007. I think with regular coverage this area has a lot to offer! This is the first fall observation for the Ottawa district and likely one of the few detected during fall migration in eastern Ontario. They are a rare spring migrant in eastern Ontario and have bred in the Kingston region and Presqu'ile areas. This past spring there was a good flight with a number of observations between Ottawa and Cobourg.

Directions: From Ottawa take 417 west to Island Park and exit. Follow Island Park Drive north to Clearview St. Turn right on Clearview and then left on Patricia and right on Pontiac. It was just off the main east-west trail on a short side trail that goes south to an opening in the fence that borders Pontiac St on the north side. This opening is between Cowley Ave and Keyworth Ave.

First fall record of Blue-winged Warbler for the Ottawa District.

The Blue-winged Warbler is a very rare visitor to the Ottawa district first being recorded in 1979.

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