Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011 LBJ outing.

My annual "Little Brown Jobs" Sparrow workshop went well despite a very slow start due to 35+ km/hr winds for most of the day. At 6:00a.m. we started out in the Kanata north area and work our way west to Dunrobin and Kilmaurs area. It was amazing how the wind and cool temperatures reduced the bird song, we managed 1 new sparrow an hour! at the end we saw and 8 species of the 10 that breed and heard 1 only, Vesper. Our miss was Graashopper Sparrow, it was even difficult to find a Savannah Sparrow! The day ended near Riceville with our 8th species Clay-coloured Sparrow. So not bad considering the weather. The 8 species were Swamp, Song, Chipping, Field, White-throated, Savannah, Lincoln's, and Clay-coloured Sparrow. The big surprise was a Least Bittern at Constance Creek at Thomas Dolan at around 7:00am. It flew in and disappeared on the south side of the bridge.

White-throated Sparrow at the Mer Bleu

The Clay-coloured Sparrow was very vocal despite the windy conditions.

A male Purple Finch was a nice find at the Mer Bleu Bog.

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