Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 19,2011 American Woodcocks and Virginia Rails

With good weather conditions last night we were able to locate both our target birds for the birding course field trip. Our first stop was for Virginia Rails and they were still in the same as Monday and gave us great views. Also present were lots of Spring Peepers calling away which was nice to hear. Did a quick check at Constance Creek at Thomas Dolan Parkway and had 100+ Rusty Blackbirds in small groups going to roost. This location has been always one of the best spring migration areas to view Rusty Blackbirds at dusk. Our finally stop at dusk was for American Woodcock near Shirley's Bay and we weren't disappointed. This site has been excellent for viewing their flight display since the early 90's. At least 3 males were present and we were able to watch their "sky dance" a high twisting flight with lots of chirping, twittering, and bubbling sounds over head before they land. Once on the ground they started calling, a nasal peent which lasted for a few minutes before rising up into the night sky again.

American Woodcock

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