Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010 Presqu'ile birding

The birding at Presqu'ile Provincial Park was excellent today. There was a good movement of land birds including 1000+ Yellow-rumped Warbler, 200+ White-throated Sparrow, 50+ White-crowned Sparrow, and 150+ American Pipit. Other land birds of noted included 2 Gray-cheeked Thrush, 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker, 2 Lapland Longspur, and 1 Common Nighthawk. On Gull Island we observed 59 species including 1 Buff-breasted Sandpiper, 1 Whimbrel, 1 American Golden Plover, 1 White-rumped Sandpiper, and 5 Baird's Sandpiper.
Good birding, Bruce

Directions: To reach Presqu'ile Provincial Park, follow the signs from Brighton. Locations within the Park are shown on a map at the back of a tabloid that is available at the Park gate. The water level between Owen Point and Gull Island was knee deeep in some places.

Access to Gull Island off Owen Point is restricted from March 10-September 10 to prevent disturbance to the colonial nesting birds there. Starting September 25th there will be limited access due to waterfowl hunting. Birders can visit the area on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday while hunting takes place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

One of the best locations to see Buff-breasted Sandpiper during the fall is Presqu'ile Provincial Park.

Whimbrel in flight off Gull Island.

The Whimbrel is a rare but regularly visitor to Presqu'ile during the fall.

Osprey over Gull Island

The Lapland Longspur is a regular migrant during the fall at Presqu'ile.

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