Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birding Eastern Ontario February 20, 2010

The woodland birding continues to be slow with only a few finches in our area. In the LaRose Forest we observed 3 Evening Grosbeaks and a few Black-capped Chickadees. In the Ste. Rose area at least 2 Snowy owls remain and there were 15+ Horned Larks. Hawk numbers were few with 1 Rough-legged and 1 Red-tailed Hawk. South of Casselman, the Northern Hawk-Owl continues to hunt in the open fields. There has been at least 3 individuals in eastern Ontario this winter.

Usually perched up high this northern Hawk-Owl gave us great views, almost at eye level!

Waiting for breakfast.

The Northern Hawk-Owl sat for a while watching and listening for prey.

We almost over looking the Northern Hawk-Owl as it sat quickly in a small deciduous woodlot.

An immature Snowy Owl on its favorite perch.

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