Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 20, 2009 Ottawa Christmas Bird Count

What a difference a few days make! On Tuesday, Decemeber 15th the Ottawa River was still open with lots of waterfowl and gulls. Now after the deep freeze set in the river is frozen and most of the waterfowl had left the area making it a rather quiet count. Weather plays an important role on Chritmas Bird Count and it doesn't take much weather to change a great count to a average one. In the Britannia Sector most of the lingering ducks had left and we were lucky to get any gulls but mam=naged a few goodies including Hermit thrush, Swamp Sparrow, Long-eared Owl and a gray morph GYRFALCON. The winter finches were mainly abscent and feeder watchers reported low activity. Overall always a fun time!

American Robins were found in a number of sectors, likely a result of the mid late fall.

The Great Black-backed Gulls were found mainly along the Rideau River

A record high count of Bald Eagles were recorded.

A rare winter visitor this was the only Long-eared Owl on the count.

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