Sunday, December 21, 2008

Odds & Sods

December 20, 2008

Just arrived home from the Pembroke Christmas Bird Count. Here's a photo of Rock Pigeons seen on the count. Remember that every species has to be counted! Practice your estimating on this photo. How many birds?

Even Rock Pigeons need to be counted on a Christmas Bird Count.
How many birds are in this photo?

Yesterday, December 19th, I birded along the Rideau River at Manotick. There was a large concentation of ducks - mainly Mallards - feeding below the bridge. I checked carefully
through 500+ ducks and only found 100's of Mallards and 1 American Black Duck.

Mallards on the Rideau River at Manotick, Ontario

Another puzzle for you - is it a Crow or a Raven?

Is it a Crow or a raven?
(Look at the bill size and tail shape.)

Good Birding,

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