Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014 Snowy Owl irruption continues!

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The Snowy Owl southward irruption continues in eastern Ontario. Since early December the numbers have been slowly increasing with a noticeable movement on December 8th when a combined total of 25 individuals were observed in the Richmond and Casselman-Hawkesbury areas. Sightings continue to be reported all over eastern Ontario including concentrations in the Kingston area including both Wolfe and Amherst Island, Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Cobden, Winchester-Chesterville and along the St.Lawrence River from Cornwall to Brockville. This is likely the largest southward and most widespread movement of Snowy Owls in the past 4 decades. Based on reports, I estimate between 100-130+ Snowy Owls are either present or have passed through eastern Ontario moving further south in search of food. This movement coincides with a large movement in Newfoundland and in north-eastern United States. Please remember to review OFO's birding code of ethics.

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Look for Snowy Owls as they perch on telephone poles, fence posts or on structures  scanning the surrounding fields for prey. 

Snowy Owl numbers continue to increase in eastern Ontario. 

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