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January 2, 2011 Dunrobin-Breckenridge Christmas Bird Count Results

The 30th Dunrobin,On-Breckenridge, P.Q. Christmas Bird Count took place on January 2nd , 2011. Weather conditions varied from a very mild start at +6C while owling at 2:30a.m. to -2C in the late afternoon. Throughout the day, it was mainly overcast with varying winds out of the SSW changing through the day to WSW before the compilation. There was a sprinkling of snow in early afternoon and little snow cover on the ground, which made for easy walking. I would like to thank the record 57 field observers for their great effort in the field. This year, a total of 57 species were recorded and a number of new record highs. Again, many thanks to everyone who participated on the 30th Annual Dunrobin-Breckinridge Christmas Bird Count.

The following highlights were recorded.

New Species: No new species and the overall total remains at 110 species.

Record Highs: Previous highs are shown in parentheses, followed by the year. Mallard 116 (89,1993) Great Blue Heron 2 (1 6yrs. last 2006) Barred Owl 9 (4,1998) Red-bellied Woodpecker 2 (1,1989) European Starling 1374 (1196,2002)

Tied Record Highs: Previous record year in parentheses. Northern Saw-whet Owl 2 (1988,1999) Belted Kingfisher (1988,1998) Brown Thrasher (2010)

Other species of interest: Northern Harrier 1 (4th record) Ring-billed Gull 1 (3rd record) Northern Hawk-Owl 1 (9th record) Northern Shrike 2, and Bohemian Waxwing 1018.

Pine Grosbeak (1) Purple finch (0) White-winged Crossbill (0) Red Crossbill (0) Common Redpoll (337) Hoary Redpoll (1) Pine Siskin (15) American Goldfinch (283) Evening Grosbeak (13)

I would like to thank my wife Laurie for preparing the wonderful post-count supper and to all participants who brought deserts, food and wine to celebrate the 30th anniversary! Good Birding, Bruce

One of the two male Red-bellied Woodpeckers setting a new record high for the count.

Recent mild conditions were responsible for the record high Mallard numbers found on the count.

A late lingering Great Blue Heron along March Valley Road was on of two found on the count. Another record high.

The Barred Owl numbers were impressive with a new record high of 9 breaking the old record of 4 back in 1998!

A Brown Thrasher coming to a feeder was only the second count record. Interestingly the first record was last year.

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