Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 Birding the east end of Ottawa.

Spent the morning birding various areas on the east side of Ottawa. One of the highlights was a female Black-backed Woodpecker at the Mer Bleue. It was pecking away on a dying spruce tree at the end of the first bridge along the main trail. Over along Milton Road we observed 2 Sandhill Cranes feeding in a field and 1 light morph Rough-legged Hawk migrating south over Trim Road. On my way home there was a Northern Shrike near the corner of Carling Ave and Rifle Road.

Good Birding, Bruce

Directions: Milton Rd.:From Ottawa take Hwy. 417 east to exit 96 . Go north for 2 km on Boundary Road to Russell Road (Regional 26). Turn right onto Russell and drive 3.5 km to Milton Road (Regional 31). Turn left on Milton Road and go about 2 km to the bridge and start looking as you head north.
Directions: Mer Bleue: From Ottawa take Highway 417 east to Anderson Rd. exit. Follow north to Ridge Rd. and turn right. Follow approximately 2.5 km to a parking area.

A female Black-backed Woodpecker at the Mer Bleue.


Sherri Bones Nelson said...

There seem to be a lot of woodpeckers this year - at least on my old willow. I don't think they are the kind you saw, but they sure are pretty.
take care & happy birding!

dwaynejava said...

Great photo Bruce!
The composition of this photo is excellent! The exposure of the black feathers along with the tree lichen, and blurred background really makes this a keeper. I would love to see this woodpecker one day.